Privacy Policy

For Ceci Farma Group S.A.C. (hereinafter, “CFG”), the security of the privacy of all its customers is extremely important, therefore this policy of personal data protection is established.

This Policy seeks to inform you about the use and treatment of personal information that CFG collects or generates through the business relationship with you, as well as personal information that you voluntarily give and/or provide. This policy complies with the provisions contained in the Personal Data Protection Law, Law No. 29733, its Regulations and the Information Security Directive issued by the competent authority.

In compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned regulations, the provisions of this Policy are mandatory for CFG, in its capacity as Data Controller and Data Processor as appropriate, as well as for its shareholders, collaborators, employees and stakeholders.

1. Personal Data Bank Holder Information

Corporate Name:            CECI FARMA GROUP S.A.C.

RUC (TAX ID NO.):          20521409194

Address:                            Calle Monte Rosa N.º 255 Urb. Chacarilla del estanque (piso 4) Santiago de Surco – Lima.

2. Regulatory Framework

  • Law No. 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter, “Law”).
  • Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS, which approves the Regulation of Law No. 29733 (hereinafter, “Regulation”).
  • Information Security Directive, approved by Directorial Resolution No. 019-2013-JUS/DGPDP (hereinafter, “Directive”).

3. What will your Personal Data be processed for?

Depending on how the User interacts on our website, your information will be used for the following purposes:

  • To fulfill obligations arising from the commercial relationship established with the customer.
  • Verification and validation of your data
  • Verification of documents
  • Verification of your status as a health professional.
  • Perform customer registration.
  • Perform credit and financial risk analysis, and
  • Perform extensions of credit lines.
  • Contact you for the fulfillment of the agreed obligations.
  • Provide the delivery service of the products that you have purchased.
  • Statistical analysis for the elaboration of commercial strategies, in an anonymized or dissociated way.

You expressly state that you have been duly informed of all the aforementioned purposes. Likewise, through the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, you authorize and grant your consent, in a prior, free, express, unequivocal and free manner, for the processing of your Personal Data and for the inclusion of your information in the aforementioned Data Bank owned by CFG. In case you do not accept the additional processing of your personal data described in a separate document, if any, this will not affect the provision of the contracted service. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that any processing of information that is necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship that binds you and CFG does not require your consent and only to be informed to you.

4. What information is essential for the execution of the contractual relationship?

Personal data freely provided by you when registering through our CECI chat on the website, and that provided by you when interacting with our representatives, including:

  • First and last names
  • RUC and/or Identity Card
  • Telephone
  • Phone
  • Address or fiscal address
  • E-mail

It will also be essential to report incidents or inconveniences, complaints, claims or general requests related to your purchase through physical channels.

5. Consequences of not providing the necessary information

Failure to provide us with the information detailed in the previous paragraph will prevent us from carrying out the activities inherent to the commercial relationship, such as the supply of our products, granting of credit lines, among others.

6. With whom do we share your personal information and for what purposes?

CFG entrusts the processing of your personal data to the company SERVICIOS CORPORATIVOS CORPOL SAC located at Av. Industrial No. 160 Urb. La Aurora- Ate and MULTIALMACENES DEL PERU S.A.C. located at Av. Industrial No. 160 Urb. La Aurora- Ate, it should be noted that we guarantee that the processing of your data is limited to the purposes authorized above and that the confidentiality of the information provided is maintained through the implementation of security measures established by law on the subject and that these are implemented by the company that performs the processing of personal data.

We also share your data with other companies of the business group which complement our commercial activities.

 7. Where is your data stored?

The personal data you provide will be stored in the Customer database, registered in the National Registry of Personal Data Protection.

8. How long do we keep your data?

The data will be kept until you revoke your consent.

9. Custody and confidentiality of information

The personal information you provide will be processed with the legally required level of protection to ensure its security and prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized access or processing. We will safeguard your Personal Information in accordance with security and confidentiality standards and procedures established in Peru in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, its Regulations and other complementary regulations.

We do not transmit, disclose or provide personal information collected to third parties other than the owner of such personal information, except when you have expressly consented that your personal information is transferred to third parties duly identified in the consent clause or if it is required by public authorities or in strict compliance with a legal mandate.

In the event that CFG is acquired by any person, changes its owners, merges with other companies, is spun off or reorganized or undergoes any other corporate modification, the personal information provided will continue to be retained as set forth in this Policy and used for the same purposes as those set forth herein.

10. Exercise of ARCO Rights

As the owner of your personal data, you have the right to access your data in possession of CFG, know the characteristics of their processing, rectify or cancel them when considered unnecessary for the purposes previously exposed or oppose their processing for specific purposes.

The customer may at any time revoke the consent expressly granted, as well as limit the use or disclosure of their personal data.

The customer may address the request to exercise his/her rights to the following addresses:


Subject: ARCO RIGHTS; or

Physical address: Av. Industrial 160 Urb. La Aurora, Ate.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, the provider must submit at the addresses previously specified, the respective request in the terms established in the Regulations of Law No. 29733, which may be requested at Av. Industrial 160 Urb. La Aurora, Ate.

If the provider considers that it has not been attended in the exercise of its rights, the provider may file a claim before the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, at the Court Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Scipión Llona 350, Miraflores, Lima, or do it electronically through the following web page:

11. Can you revoke your consent?

Yes, you may revoke your consent at any time. However, we must inform you that not in all cases we will be able to grant your request or terminate the use immediately, as we must comply with certain legal obligations that require us to continue processing your personal data. You should also note that the revocation of your consent will not imply that we can provide the service you requested, provided that such data are not indispensable for it.

12. Can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal information?

To do so, you can send a request to the addresses indicated in paragraph 10 of this Policy.

13. Minimum age of consent

By providing your personal data to CFG, you declare to be at least eighteen years of age or to be the guardian of a minor to validly give consent in accordance with the Law. CFG will not voluntarily carry out the processing of Personal Data relating to minors, unless they have the proper consent in accordance with the applicable law. In the event that it becomes known that the Personal Data collected corresponds to a minor without the authorization of his or her legal guardian, appropriate measures will be taken to delete it.

14. Assignment of Contractual Position

You expressly authorize the assignment of this Policy and your information in favor of any person who (i) becomes bound by this Policy; and/or (ii) who is the new manager of the database containing your Information. After the transfer, CFG shall have no liability with respect to any event occurring after the date of the transfer. The new person in charge of the database will assume each and every one of the obligations set forth in this Policy with respect to the processing, safeguarding and preservation of the information detailed above.

15. Modifications to the privacy policy

CFG expressly reserves the right to modify, update or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time. Any modification, update or extension produced in this Privacy Policy will be immediately published on the CFG website, so you will be aware of what information we collect and under what circumstances, and consent will be requested when accessing again to such services, if necessary.