Our Commitment

The values under which we accomplish our purpose are included in Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to patients, physicians, nurses and health professionals, striving to offer accessible and good quality products for the different socioeconomic levels of the population. In this effort, we must be aware to satisfy our customers with agility, efficiency and a high standard of care.

We are committed to our collaborators in developing Corpol leaders of integrity who encourage communication, teamwork and a sense of belonging. It is essential that each employee feels their dignity is respected, listening to their suggestions and contributions, as well as providing opportunities for growth in the organization by recognizing their merits and inspiring them to always do their best.

We recognize our responsibility to the community, which we express through actions that contribute to social welfare in the most vulnerable sectors, aimed at improving people’s health and quality of life.

All members of the Company are committed to contribute to the sustained and solid development of the business, based on continuous improvement, innovation and development of new products, with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Committed to quality health.