Ethics and Social Responsibility

At CORPOL, we are guided by the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility in all our activities.

We understand that our impact goes beyond product marketing. Therefore, we strive to be an agent of positive change for our stakeholders.



In our approach, patients and consumers are the reason for our work. Their well-being and satisfaction are our top priority. We strive to deeply understand their needs and are dedicated to providing them with high quality solutions and treatments.



Our commitment extends beyond improving individual health; we strive to promote the well-being of the population. We strive to remove barriers and promote accessibility, especially for those who face economic or geographic challenges. Through strategic alliances and social programs, we collaborate to provide treatment to people who would otherwise have difficulty accessing it.



At our company we promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in which each individual is appreciated for their uniqueness and contribution. We strive to create a work environment that is safe, equitable, and free from discrimination, where mutual respect and collaboration are fostered.

In addition, we care about the comprehensive well-being of our employees. We recognize that each person has different needs and circumstances, and we work to provide an environment that supports your personal and professional growth. We offer development programs, training opportunities and benefits that promote health and work-life balance.